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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Womens study self-defense?


During the times of this country to be first introduced to Japanese Karate, and other forms of Martial-Arts, it was a beginning for many women to want to learn how to defend themselves, and to become better mothers to their children.

Regardless of what style women find fascinating, it has its benefits and gives women the opportunity, to not only learn self-defense, but to also increase self-confidence and, self esteem, where she may feel secure from a dangerous world.

Usually when a woman is attacked, it is always by a bigger person, and sadly common, but a male who is stalking the woman, or is related to the individual where she becomes a victim of a crime.

With the various forms of fighting, whether it is women’s basic self defense, traditional martial arts, or boxing, many women wish to feel secure and to feel they need to protect their children, whether or not a man is present in the family’s lives.

Womens Interview of Self Defense Courses

For some women, and also for men, learning self defense, is also becoming an aerobic workout to reduce and loose weight, to maintain figure, and to feel young again. Many women seem to enjoy Tae Kwon Do, due to its fast pace workouts in the kicks and punches.

Women in Tae Kwon Do

TKD Free Form Demo

For other females, who feel that they are too old or out of shape, sometimes Karate, Aikido, or Kenpo, gives the woman a feeling of basic self defense skills, to fend off from sexual predators on the streets.

Kenpo Self Defense

Womens Basic Self Defense

Such arts as Wushu or Wing Chun, women love the fluidity of the Chinese arts, and its flexibility in the joints and muscles, which it does not emphasis as much muscle or strength from straight forward attacks.

Wing Chun Womens Self-Defense Training

Wing Chun Self Defense Instruction

Also most Chinese arts, teach the practical use of weapons, such as wooden objects, that are easier to find on the street.

Wushu Weapons used by Women

Chinese Woman Performing

Wushu Form

So many styles of Martial-Arts to choose from, but the woman, has preferences on either depending her ability to learn self-defense, judging her strength and from her weaknesses, no matter what style she may choose, she will walk home or return home with confidence. In the past centuries, especially in Japan, women have learned to study various forms of fighting arts, where women have become aware of the danger in their surroundings, such as today.

Women in the Martial-Arts

There is so much to talk about the people in Asian Countries, where women have learned self-defense, and for the reason to learn how to protect her-self in times of conflict and danger.

Woman Learns Kenpo from

United Studios of Self-Defense

Interview Rape Experience

Something I wish and will be a continual part of the articles to come about women in the Martial-Arts. For now, women should know, that not only its great way to stay in shape and to feel healthy and look young, but to remember the real true benefits what a woman can learn about the martial arts, and that is to not become a victim of a crime.

Japanese Women Martial-Artists

Street Fighting

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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