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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pretty Pink Defense

From: Non Lethal Defense

It’s about time someone thought of women when creating their lines of self defense weapons. Now everybody is! Everyone from Mace and Pepper Shot to Taser International are making their pepper spray or stun guns and tasers with a model that comes in pink.

macepinkMace offers a keychain pepper spray unit as well as their Mace pepper spray gun in pink. mace80404Taser International makes their C2 Taser in a metallic pink model after offering both that model and a lighter fashion pink model which is no longer available. The popular Pretender disguised cell phone stun gun now comes in pink as well.

For all the women out their that need to carry a personal self defense weapon, you can now rest assured knowing that you can do it in style! There is also a lipstick pepper spray available that is disguised as lipstick and comes in a variety of colors!

Interested in nonlethal self defense weapons that come in pink? Just click on the pictures of each item for a full price and product description!

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