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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Martial Arts Kids

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Children at a Karate Dojo

The United States has become a country filled with people from many nations, which also includes immigrants bringing their culture and ideas that makes this country the Melting Pot of all Nations.

This also includes, having Asian Immigrants, bringing their customs and beliefs, which had also included the Martial Arts of various styles.

In the United States, many children are fortunate enough to join in many different sports and events, which allow children to interact with other children, to work on their social skills. Not only do they learn how to socialize with other children in the Martial Arts, but they also learn self-discipline, self-respect, develop self-esteem, usually will gain better grades at school, and among other benefits, to live a healthy life style and to learn Self-Defense.

In foreign countries, such as Korea, Japan, and China, to name a few, they have other different activities to sports to such as music, to also include their education system for after school programs. This also includes Martial Arts from Karate, Judo, Kung-Fu, Tae Kwon Do and other various of Asian Styles into the after school programs.

Kendo Students in Japan Public Schools

Or some actually teach it for Physical Education classes while they learn other subjects. Not to say Asians are born to be physically and naturally fit, but their education system does offer benefits, which also changes the character of the student in Asia. Anyone can be healthy and fit, if the right Physical Education is taught in the schools, where even children in the United States, can live healthier lives.

Kenpo/Kung-Fu with United Studios of Self Defense The Akademia

But not many schools in the U.S. teach or give lessons on the martial arts whatever style it might be. Many are only exposed to American Sports such as Base Ball or Basket Ball. Not all children love to play a sport that utilizes a ball.

What a different world children would live in if they were to be taught self-defense in their own school as a Physical Education program, where it would be counted in their grades towards graduation, and have a Black Belt or proficient rank and knowledge in that style. In most cases, the parents has to take their children to a Martial Arts Dojo, and pay for lessons, than the government pays for such school programs such as the Martial Arts.

Regardless of where the child learns Self-Defense, the one thing a parent can be guaranteed is, the child will enter the dojo leaving the outside world, and leave the dojo a better person. Whether it may be low self-esteem that channels anger or sadness, not having the right physical education to reduce or maintain weight, keep a positive outlook in scholastic achievement, and to have a high respect for their surroundings, as they are learning Self-Defense.

Karate Kids

Japanese Shotokan Karate

It does not matter which style the child learns, but to find the right school and style for the child, to where the kid can feel at place with him/her own self, but to feel secure in an unsure world. If they lack the friendships in school, there is always an opportunity to create friendships in the Martial Arts Dojo, as they will more likely not run into peer pressure from other kids at school, to commit crime or join in illegal activities, and not be involved with the Criminal Justice System.

Black Belt in TKD From Ernie Reyes Action Team

Children today need guidance from many avenues, but a parent can only teach so much to a child at home, and schools give so little education about peer pressure other than D.A.R.E programs, and perhaps some after school activities in sports activities. Joining the martial arts has it many benefits at any age.

But for children, it can be a great experience, where a kid can enjoy being a kid among their own peers at a Dojo, but also be able to develop other skills that can be found only by learning the Martial-Arts. But also to develop a positive attitude towards life, be aware of peer pressure, and develop life social skills, where young women and young men, can become better citizens of their communities.

Martial Arts Demo Team
Chun Kuk Do

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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