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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ninjitsu Explained

From: Examiner

From the day of the term Ninja, many have questioned, what is a Ninja? Or more should the audience be asking, what is Ninjitsu?

From what most people know, those who wear black or colored uniforms which almost resemble as wearing a pair of P.J.’s, and with concealed masks covering their heads, is what most of the viewers can recall what is a Ninja.

In the past centuries, this elite fighting form, were technically considered to be assassins who were creative in using diverse of weapons, using concealed methods to hide from their enemies, and were part of an organization that would be involved with the days of the Samurai back in the feudal years of Japan.

Ninja Fight Scenes

The days of the Samurai and the rise of the ancient Ninja’s, were part of the Japanese culture, which also had changed their way of living. The Ninja, not only used weapons for guerilla warfare tactics, but also developed an elite form of fighting which also involved various acrobatic movements, martial arts skills such as, which derive from Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Aikido,and other forms of Chinese Martial-Arts, which also emulate Shaolin Martial Arts.

Ninja Demonstration

For many reasons, Ninjas were really considered as Mixed Martial Artist, since they had to be prepared for all scenarios of combat. Which Ninjitsu, or closely translated, the art of invisibility or the art of stealth, and their main purpose was to quickly to finish the fight even in death. The Ninja used metal and wooden weapons, which could have been long or short range attacks, even throwing stars or objects, and shooting darts.

Sho Kosugi Ninja Master

If there ever has been a Ninjitsu known expert, would have to be Sho Kosugi, who is from Japan, has made a few Ninja related movies, where he shows the real beauty and the art of Ninjitsu. During the early mid 1980’s, various types of movies about The Ninja had been produced by Hollywood, which since then, very few movies have been produced in the 21st century. Some movie stars such as Michael Dudikoff starring in American Ninja who plays as a military soldier who is out defeating ninjas as terrorist organizations against other nations.

Michael Dudikoff: American Ninja

The Art of Ninja, their history was never really had any records that date the beginning of how the Ninja came to be. Besides than having a history against the Samurai days, the Ninja were more of a secret association that would perform assignments for the government or would be considered as mercenaries.

Though from a viewer or audience stand point, they could have been either or on the good or bad side of the battle field. It’s not the art that was bad or good, but what side the Ninja was protecting or eliminating from the forces of war and blood shed. But today, after the many centuries of keeping and passing on the Martial-Arts, Ninjitsu, has survived, and is still being taught not only in Japan, but also in the United States, and other parts of the world, where ever a certified instructor can teach how to become a Ninja.

Ninja Self Defense Demonstration

From Pop Culture, we have seen what a Ninja is or what a Ninja does, and many have been inspired to want to learn Ninjitsu. Either the influence is coming from Japanese Manga (Animated Cartoon Films), movies about Ninjas and Samurai’s, to playing latest video games, which many love to see what Ninjitsu is really all about.

Dead Or Alive Video Game CG Animation

Kasumi and Hayabusa CG Anime

For many in the late 1980’s to early mid 1990’s, for many children it has been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has today even raised a great interest about Japanese Martial Arts and Ninjitsu.

TMNT Vs The Shredder

The most accurate film which most of the audience in the 21st century might be able to relate to, is watching the movie “The Last Samurai”, which has been the recent movie on Ninjas and Samurai’s, where the Samurai Village and The Ninja, go in a battle of warfare, where the village is being raided by the Ninjas.

The Last Samurai

Ninja Vs Samurai Fight Scene

Now just recently, G.I. JOE, has been one of the least American Anime, which had created a character by the name of Snake Eyes, who is curios character, who was raised in Japan, and grew up with his Japanese Step Brother, Storm Shadow, has hit the big screens in Holly Wood, which they both perform awesome fight scenes of a Ninja. (Soon I hope to add videos after the DVD release images for all my viewers to watch)

Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow

The Ninja, really has a low key history, of how and where the organization really come from, or what become of the Ninja after the Samurai were no longer needed in Japan. But one thing for sure, much of what you may see in MMA Cage Match events, a partial of the Ninjitsu moves are utilized, such as Jiuj-Jitu, Karate, Aikido, and other Japanese Style Martial-Arts.

Ninja Movie 2009 Trailer

Today, to revive the art of Ninjitsu, has been a slow process, or growing art, which many students today strive to achieve the level of mastery in Ninjitsu, to maybe someday own a personal Ninja Dojo, and pass it to the next generation. Its one of the arts that can be hard to find, but, can maybe become a rewarding experience, to understand what was the Ninja.

Ninjitsu Demonstration

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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