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Friday, July 10, 2009

A little on Taekwondo

From: Examiner

Aaassaahhhh!!!!!!!! Aaacheeyy!!! Haaa paasooo!!!!!
Huh?? What was that??? Oh, in the essence of the martial arts, such as in TKD, when connecting a punch or kick to the opponents body, making noises is not only is part of an breathing exercise, but a part of generating power from the attack when upon striking a part of the body.

It helps the student to keep a focus on the target as breathing becomes part of a source which demonstrates the strength and power of that strike. Breathing is a must in all styles of martial arts, whether making a noise to fend of foes, or to help control breathing patterns in a fighting situation. So that’s good information for all of you to know.

In TKD, the punches and the kicks, all have a real secret, which takes time and training in the art itself, is being precise on the accuracy of the strikes, having the correct speed, to maximize the power in the attacks in Korean Martial Arts.

In this beautiful art, which many are fascinated by its kicks and aero dynamics of its fighting style, to hit the opponent, a TKD stylist must have the speed, to not only be the first to get the hit, but to be also be quick enough to step out of the way from an attack from the opponent.

In the beginning as the student starts off learning the basics, through out his/her training, speed and precision will follow after learning a set of kicking and punching patterns. The student must be the first to strike, to knock out the attacker, and be the first to stay out of range. Most trained fighters in TKD, fight from a long distance, where it is not open for close range attacks, which speed and precision must come into play, to get the first hit, as power combines from the quickness of the attack.

Usually in TKD, fighters may start from a side fighting stance, where the shoulders and the hips, are directed towards the target. This position allows the stylist to be quick on his/her feet, and to allow for free of movement, where jumping or hopping becomes easier to perform to either do a flying kick in the air to reach in for distance from long range attacks. Regardless of what moves the TKD stylist chooses to utilize to strike his/her target, the important part of the art is to have the speed and precision to generate power at the target.

It maybe similar to boxing, but instead of having the body or the chest to be faced towards the target, being able to fight on a sided stance allows the body for free of movement and motion, where it is easily generated to increase the speed and precision which allows the power to connect from the twist or turn of the hips.

TKD-Tornado Kick

Either the strike could be a punch/strike or kick, twisting of the hips, and turns or spins increases the power of the moves in Tae Kwon Do. But without speed and without precision, the move will not connect accurately, and will leave the stylist to be off guard or to be left open from an attack from the opponent. Timing is everything when making its first or second move in this art. One false impression or one incorrect move towards the target could be devastating when being left unprotected from a serious injury from the other opponent

Upon Accuracy and Speed hitting the body

In TKD, it’s an art form that allows freedom of expression, especially as the kicks can become a powerful weapon, either in fighting on the street, or in a tournament competition. Speed must be first where you can be first to strike; Precision is for the accuracy where the hit must be targeted at the attacker, as the Power becomes the weapon when the movements are combined in Tae Kwon Do

Speed + Precision = Power (All from the mind)

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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