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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goal of a Martial Artist

From: Examiner

Japanese Karate Master

In all aspects of the Martial-Arts, regardless of what style a person chooses to learn, the path of a Martial-Artist is more than just learning to become a weapon, and learn various of movements in Self-Defense, is really to master his/her soul.

Studying the Martial-Arts, is a journey to the path of becoming a Master of the Martial-Arts, as the style becomes a form of a religion, than just knowing how defend one-self on the street or in violent situations.

The Mind:
As the student grows into the arts and learns how to kick, punch, jump, grapple or throw, and all the various of movements is being mastered, it really starts from the mind, which also becomes psychological to think forward.

Since most of our motor functions of the body really is being controlled from the brain, it really starts how one views themselves to achieve a goal or set a path, in mastering the art which ever style it maybe. If you tell the child he/she cant learn, and they are no good, eventually the child might accept it in time, as the child becomes self aware of his/her ability whether it be scholastic or academic studies, to perform something physical, or to learn new tricks that even a dog can learn.

The Human Brain

Same principle as for adults, if one tells them own selves,” It cant be done and it wont be achieved”, then the practitioner have already defeated ones own self. If you think and try to know you can, and do your part to make the effort, it can be done, as time progresses in his/her training. The mind is only as expandable as you wish it to be regardless of your age and health.

Organs and Muscles and Bones of Male and Female

The Body:
We all come from different forms, shapes, and sizes whether we are old or young. We all have different limitations to what life has offered us in each different stage of our lives.

Some come from health problems, such as cancer, diabetes, or have different disabilities from all walks of life that limit his/her to be at a perfect state.

Life does come in trials and challenges, regardless what they may be, studying the Martial-Arts, are only given barriers to what the individual wishes to limit themselves to be.

There are no barriers in the martial arts, other than speaking to yourself, “ If I can, I must, and if I must, I will Aaasaaahhh!!!!” If you do have some physical limitations, there is always a style that is a right fit for everyone, you just have to find what is best for you.

Though Martial-Arts is about Self-Defense, it is also about enhancing your body, to live and become a healthier person.

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The Spirit:
The spirit, in many cultures, can be translated differently, depending on his/her beliefs on what is a Spirit.

But in the Martial-Arts, is a form of action that only comes from within the person, the wiliness to strive to improve, and the desire to grow in the chosen style.

In Tae Kwon Do, many instructors teach of “ The Abominable Spirit”, or having a positive attitude, or more less, to keep trying.

Though Martial-Arts is about learning how to fight and defend one-self, it is about filling the inner self with clean feelings, that will only fill the heart to be happier. Life is challenging in all forms, as we grow older, we learn from life’s lessons, though it wont be solved by punching or kicking a punching bag, but overcoming life through the martial arts, we learn to “Endure To The End”. Martial-Arts is a peaceful way of living as the spirit overcomes the stresses of life

Studying the Martial-Arts, training the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit, for in it’s intensive practice and self-mastery, we can strive to become better people, and to live a better life through. The Martial-Arts is a way of life as life becomes our teacher, which is, experience, who is our true, Master

Martial Arts Free Style Demo

The Mind, The Body, and The Spirit, moving as One in Unison.

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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