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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Reasons to start a martial art journey

From: Examiner

With the summer months creeping up on us, many in the Detroit metro area are looking for activities for their kids and themselves. Detroit has such a rich community ripe with activities and programs for families. But deep down in your heart, after watching countless Jet Lee and Jackie Chan movies, you want to enroll in a martial arts class. You ask:” Is it worth it?” or “Am I going to be flying through the air like those guys in the movies?” This leads to the often asked, “What benefits can I get from martial arts?”

Chances are you won’t be flying around like Chow Yun-Fat in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (unless you have five guys that follow you with those huge wires and harnesses). There are many other reachable rewards that martial arts training offers you.

Here’s a sample of some worthwhile benefits:

Social- Martial Arts classes often have people from different backgrounds, personalities, and careers. Mingling with these people can open up a world of experiences and friendships. You may find yourself trying sushi, bean curd, or even octopus in addition to hanging out in places you may have not been aware of.

Cultural- Learning some traditional martial arts such as Karate, Kung Fu, and Capoeira will introduce you to customs, terminology, and music of exotic foreign cultures. Not only will you be able to kick to the ceiling or execute the Tiger-Crane form, but you will be able to impress your friends when you got to the local Chinese food joint.

Mental- Focus and concentration are key elements in all martial arts and is of great importance on a test, on the job, or when writing a great informative blog. Through focused disciplined training and a “can do” attitude, a person can call upon tremendous focus in their daily lives. Martial arts are one of the best vehicles for focus and discipline; the Marines use martial arts training to instill even more focus in its soldiers. If it’s good enough for the Jarhead then it’s good enough for you and me!

Confidence- Feeling in control of yourself and various situations definitely gives you confidence to go out and face your day with power and bravery. If you can survive doing 1,000 kicks or 500 reverse punches you understand that you can survive another hard day at work or school. As a martial artist there are very few challenges that you won’t be able to overcome and your head will be high when you walk into a room.

Physical- Lastly the ability to kick over your head, punch through a board, or perform a perfect handstand cannot be overstated. Unlike traditional bodybuilding your muscles won’t bulge out, yet they will be very strong and be able to endure long periods of activity. Walking up a few flights of steps will be boring and you’ll want to sprint up those steps. An ordinary stroll on the Riverwalk will change into a desire to jog on the Riverwalk. The urge to participate in a marathon or indoor rock climbing will be within reach. And to top off all that you’ll be able to spot danger and protect yourself when needed.

So, if you’re are looking to spice up your life and get off the couch this summer grab a Yellow Pages, an I-Phone search or the nearest internet search engine and look for Detroit martial arts or martial arts in Detroit and begin the same journey I took 20 years ago. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll be the next Tony Jaa, Jet Lee or Jackie Chan I can tell you your life will be enhanced and you will meet some very cool people and it will be fun, challenging, rewarding, and eye-opening.

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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