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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Theives stoled 12year old kid's Martial Art Kit

From: Swindon Advertisor

Bradley Simpkins, whose martial arts kit has been stolen
THIEVES have stolen a 12-year-old boy’s martial arts kit which he saved up all his pocket money to buy.
The kit, worth around £400, was taken after the thieves broke into Bradley Simpkins’ mother’s car and, finding nothing of value, got into the boot and took the kit bag.
Now his mother Sarah, 33, is hoping that Bradley’s plight will shame the culprit into giving his prized possessions back.
Currently a blue belt, Bradley, of Kirkstall Close, Toothill, has been taking lessons at the Total Arts Academy in Toothill for the past year and a half, which covers a mixture of martial arts including kickboxing.
However, this belt along with most of his uniform, foam weapons and the protective gear he needs to attend classes has been taken.
“I’m a bit upset because I can’t do it and angry at the people that did it because obviously they wouldn’t like it if I came and did it to them,” said Bradley.
“They haven’t got anything better in their life to do than to nick people’s stuff.”
Police confirmed that the kit had been taken between 7.30pm on April 27 and 6.30am on April 28 while the vehicle was parked outside the family’s flat.
The Greendown School pupil had saved up his pocket money and birthday money to buy some of the equipment and clothing, but without the proper kit Bradley is unable to continue his lessons because single mother Miss Simpkins said she cannot afford to replace it.
“He’s bought most of it with pocket money and he’s quite gutted about it,” she said.
“It’s more sentimental for him.
“He said to me the only thing he enjoys at the moment has been taken away from him.”
Miss Simpkins hopes that she may be able to find some second hand replacements, but Bradley has already had to miss two lessons.
She appealed for anyone who has come across the distinctive kit to come forward.
The dark blue holdall-style bag with wheels contains the uniform made up of white trouser bottoms, which have badges sewn into the right leg, a white top with a red and black collar and sleeves and Total Martial Arts written on the back and a plain white t-shirt with Total Martial Arts and the logo on the back.
There are also red shin pads, gloves, pads and white body armour with a red and blue aiming circle in the middle, black foam weapons, one with a light brown wooden handle, the mid-blue belt and white Lonsdale trainers with red stripes.
“I’m hoping whoever took it may feel a bit guilty if they realise,” said Miss Simpkins. “They know it would be a kid’s because of the size.”

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  1. That's horrible. Poor kid. I don't get why people steal stuff they'll never use or be able to sell for much. I've had martial arts equipment stolen from me as well.

    Hope somebody returns his stuff!