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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5 Things you don't want to hear in a Martial Arts Class

From: Slim Index
by - Al Case
A Martial Arts class is a place where you learn to be healthy and strong and fit. It is filled with dedicated, hard working, serious and intent people. The five following items are things that you don’t want to hear in any good and serious martial arts class.
Hearing any of these five things interrupts the class, slows it down and breaks the pacing. Hearing any of these five things reveals an innate weakness that should not be manifested, but rather squashed quickly and fast. Hearing any of these things destroys the rite of passage that any good and serious martial arts class is.
Number five: "That hurts."
Hey, a little pain is going to happen here and there, we all know that, but grunt and grit and get over it. If you need medical attention, crawl off the mat, find a telephone, call an ambulance, and check yourself in at the local hospital!
Number four: "I wasn’t ready."
Good friggin’ Lard on rubber crutches in a polio ward with a waxed floor…being ready is what the martial arts are about! Open your eyes and ears and turn your cranium on and get with the program!
Number three: "I’m sorry."
You’re supposed to be learning how to dish out pain! If you handed out too much pain, then watch him or her crawl off the mat, or, better yet, roll them off the mat, and get back to business!
Number two: "what if the guy does something else, like Oh, ow and..."
If he does something else that you didn’t expect, then you do something else that he didn’t expect…and, in the meantime…get with the drill or you won’t be able to handle the first thing he did!
Number one: and finally, amongst the things you don’t ever want to hear in a good and serious martial arts class is…me asking you why you were late! Get ready you good for nothing excuse for a turkey butt, because when I get done doing to you what I’m going to do to you you’re not going to be ready or able to crawl from what is about to hurt so bad somebody is going to have to roll you off the mat so the serious martial artists can get on with the show! I really and truly mean it, too!
The point of this is…always be ready, be careful with your matmates and try not to injure them or yourself, don’t interrupt or slow the flow of the class, and be on time. Sure, we had some humor here, and there should be humor when you’re learning to maim and dismember your fellow man. But…treat the art as sacred, and you will become as sacred.

~武德为首, Martial Art Virtue comes first

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